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Parsha: Noach

This Shabbos was difficult. I had to deal with a cranky child who didn't want to cooperate. (That's another story.)

After everything was said and done, I managed to make to shul for Mussaf. One observation that came to mind is that it often rains on Parsha Noach. I live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that has heavy flooding when it rains. Today, several streets are severely flooded.

The rabbi spoke about how Noach was righteous but not as righteous as Abraham. "Noach was a righteous man in his generation" (Genesis 6:9) Why? Because Noach was enlightened by Hashem while Abraham came to righteousness on his own. I think Noach thought the situation was hopeless. Everyone probably thought he was bugging out and he thought "I did all I could." I think Noach just thought his generation was damaged goods. Abraham on the other hand, constantly prayed for others (although some didn't think they even needed his pleas for divine mercy.) I learned Abraham was born during Noach's lifetime. Can you imagine? Hearing a first-person account of the flood?

Anyway, the rabbi spoke about how the people all spoke one language: Hebrew. When they built the tower of Babel they were united in one evil purpose. Now, I don't think these people liked each other; let alone loved each other. I think they were partners in crime; not true unity. When I told my host this, it brought to her mind the United Nations. They are united with the single purpose of going against Israel.

Now, I'm going to dry my trench coat and wellies!


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Oct. 25th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
This is one of my favorite Torah portions.

I would love to discuss parshas with you!
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