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Parsha: Lech Lecha

Erev Shabbos, I found out I caught ze swine flu. Armed with Tamiflu, I was laid up. However, I read the Torah portion on Aish. I realized I have become embittered. O.K. I'm mourning so I am a walking emo roller coaster.

The quote of the week that struck me is: "Better an insincere smile than a sincere slap." For someone in the process or for a ger/BT, this should be our mantra. I think the nature of our position is to learn how to handle the slaps.

Another thing that struck me was Key Ideas For a Kinder World from Shabbat Shalom. It's all too easy to shut down and remove oneself from the world and just look out for self. Some people just brim with kindness; others are stingy with kindness. Most people, I think, struggle with kindness in a particular area. I think the trick is to do acts of kindness that one can excel in. For example, I'm really into fashion. Maybe I could run a gemach. Or I could set up a directory of gemachs and rate them according to what they carry, etc... If one is into computers, maybe one could teach someone basic computer skills. Volunteerism is a good thing. It doesn't have to be on a grand scale or cost tons of money. It's the effort to help someone else out that counts.

Well, that's it for now!